Reflection of Reflections

Its December already! The thought I woke up with a couple of days ago. Ever since, unknowingly that set me thinking, 2012 passed by and how had it been for me really? I thought, the best way to reflect upon the months gone by would be actually to revisit the pics that I clicked and saved in the hard drive. To my luck I have actually saved the pics month wise, can you  believe that!! 🙂  I started the project 365 with a bang this year but somewhere through the middle the interest trickled.

For a couple of months I lived in denial thinking how busy my life has become with work, the relocation, settling-in in the new place, new flat etc. etc. and to top all this how do I find time to post? Days of procrastination ran into months and the rest seems history now. So, when we say we don’t have time, its actually not true. If we look around, we will(at least I do) find a lot of people doing a zillion things with same or more passion. I envy all those women(perhaps men too, just that I don’t know anyone around) who manage work, home, nurture children, cook, bake,host friends,travel, create art and also blog. Paulo Coehlo nails it by saying “One day you will wake up and there won’t be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”  So, I really don’t blame the lack of time anymore but my own lack of ardor to continue. That said, I want to stay inspired and share the small pleasures of life the way I see and experience.

January 2012 was a month of Acclimatization for me. Two special moments were surely the highlight of the month. One was the first snow experience in Jordan and the second was this beautiful painting. After almost 6 months later, travelling from USA-India-Jordan, the painting finally made it to my home in Jordan. what do you think of the final product?Image


4 thoughts on “Reflection of Reflections

  1. On your blog after a really long time, enjoyed reading this. And i’ve changed my mind about the frame, I think it goes very well with what’s in the painting. I like it that the paiting reminds of something!

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