Day 76 ~ Weekend Getaway, Jerash

Jerash is the most well know and most exposed Roman Ruin in Jordan. Although only 15% of ancient Jerash has been excavated there is a large number of free standing and open ruins to be seen. The structure above is the first large structure seen by visitors, called the Hadrian Arch. This Arch was built to honor the Emperor Hadrian who resided in Jerash for a year.

Passing through the Arch, we enter the Ancient City of Jerash. A large oval forum, surrounded by Roman columns, leads us to the picturesque Cardo or colonnaded street. In the background one can see the modern city.

The South Theatre which can seat easily 3000 ppl at a time.

Spurts of sunshine did make it possible to click some pics.

What really added to the beauty of the place were the carpet of these wild flowers and I just couldn’t get enough of them.  And what amazes me most is the fact that the so called modern technology is no match to these ancient cities in terms of planning, infrastucture etc. Next time I want to come back and just spend all the time thinking about the life of ppl in the ancient times 🙂


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